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{ Frequently Asked Questions }

You will find most of the answers to your questions on this page.
If you do not find the response to what you are looking for, send an email to our Customer Services department at the following address: support@checkhimout.com

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Why Check Him Out?

1. Why should I choose Check Him Out?

The Internet has become a more commonplace way of meeting people than ever before. The convenience of having hundreds of thousands of potential mates at your fingertips also comes with drawbacks. The problem that plagues women has been that as soon as they join or register with a dating site, they are instantly flooded with emails and messages from an abundance of men. Under these conditions it is difficult and time consuming for women to differentiate between which men are actually worth pursuing and which are not. Checkhimout.com is the new break out website will restore your faith in online dating by putting 100% of power in women’s hands! Don’t worry guys Check Him Out’s unique platform benefits you too; the environment of the site now leaves it up to women to make the “first move.” Now there’s no question of interest, because when she puts you in her shopping bag, you know she sees something she likes !

I. My personal information

1. How can I edit my personal information?

You may edit your personal information while you are logged in at any time by going to the “Profile” tab on the menu bar. You may then edit any data in the “Edit profile” tab.

2. Which entries may I edit?

You may edit any content under the “personal information” tab. However, you may not change your username, your age, or your sex such as you have provided them during registration. In order to change any of this content, you must contact an administrator through the live chat or via email at support@checkhimout.com.

3. Will Check Him Out keep my personal information confidential?

Check Him Out does everything necessary to make sure that the site is secure. We respect the norms on protecting personal information and promise never to provide such information to another member. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the protection system with which we have programmed each page of the Check Him Out website.

4. I have lost my username or password, how may I retrieve it?

If you have forgotten your username or password, you may click the “forgot your password?” link on the Check Him Out home page. You will then need to enter the email address which you have provided during registration. You will then receive an email with your login details, both username and password.

II. My profile

1. How do I create my profile?

Creating a profile from the Check Him Out home page checkhimout.com is very simple. You just need to enter your chosen username, a valid email address and the other required fields, and then click the “register” button. You will then have to follow the instructions on the registration pages in order to personalize your profile. The personal information you enter at registration may be edited at any time from your profile. In order to get the best benefit from our advanced search system, do not forget to provide as much personal information as possible and upload a profile photo. Do not forget to read the Check Him Out Terms and Conditions before registering, this is mandatory. If you encounter any problems with the creation of your profile, please contact our administrators through our contact page.

2. How can I optimize my chances for an encounter?

Your profile is the best tool to get yourself noticed. Make sure that it is appealing so it will entice other members to contact you. You may use the “Description” space to introduce yourself to other members of Check Him Out; and don’t forget to upload a personal photo! Provide as much information as possible about your preferences, your expectations, your tastes and your personality in the “Edit profile” section. The more complete your profile is, the more chances you have of getting noticed and contacted. Choose a personal photo that respects the Check Him Out conditions in the Terms and Services. It will never be published outside of the website. You may use both your public and private picture books to upload photos which will say a lot about you; update them regularly! And don’t forget, Check Him Out respects you confidentiality: no worries there! Respect this piece of advice, and be sure that your chances to meet people will multiply!

3. How long will it take for my profile to be active?

Your profile will be online and active when you confirm your registration through the link on your confirmation email. You have 3 days to confirm your registration; after that, your information will be lost and you may have to restart the entire registration process. Some elements of your profile may require approval by our administrators. It may take up to 24 hours for the information to be approved and made visible on you profile.

4. Can I modify my profile after registration?

In order to register, you need to provide a minimal amount of information. After that, you may choose to complete your full profile during the registration process, or later. Either way, you may edit your personal information at any time in the section “My Profile” under the “Edit profile” tab. A complete profile will attract more members to it, so make sure you take the time to provide all of the relevant information.

5. Some of my information hasn’t been approved, why?

In order to ensure a very secure service, our Check administrators impose a high level of control of personal information. In order to be validated, some elements of your profile require approval by our team.
- Your photos must be decent and personal. It must not show any children, not be blurred, not show information that may identify you (street name, license plate etc…), not communicate any personal information, not be edited, not show nudity or not have any sexual connotations.
- Your presentation text must be concise and appropriate. It must not be insulting for any person or group of people, be of commercial nature, state any social stereotypes, or promote any political or religious beliefs.
- Your username may not contain any racist, homophobic, discriminatory, or religiously, politically, or socially connoted content. It may not be vulgar in any way. The elements in your profile will be verified in the next 24 hours after you have entered them.

6. Can my profile be deleted?

Your profile will never expire. However, it may be removed if you are guilty of intolerable activity on Check Him Out (violation of the Terms of Use or ethical code). You may also choose to temporarily suspend or delete your account directly from your profile.

7. Can I edit my username?

You may not edit your username, so make sure that you choose it well during registration.

III. Web site usage

1. How do I use the Check Him Out services?

At the top of each page of the web site, you will find a menu bar which gives access to all of the main functions of Check Him Out:
- Home: This leads to your personalized home page and welcome space
- My profile: This shows your profile as is it seen by other members of the site. It includes your personal photo (or the default picture) and other details you choose to share with fellow members. On this page, you may also edit your profile in the “my information” tab and edit your account settings in the “my account” tab.
- Search: This section gives you access to the Check Him Out search engine. You may enter all your preferences into the provided fields. Just confirm, and Check Him Out will generate a complete list of members who fit your requirements.
-Inbox: This gives you access to your private messages . You may read your received messages in your inbox, and review your sent messages in the sent mail tab as well. Your messages are separated under different tabs: your personal messages and those from the Check Him Out administrators.
-Connections: This section includes all of the contacts that you have saved in either your “cart/favorites” or your “blacklist”. From these lists, you may manage your contacts as you see fit.
- Credits: This section lets you buy a credit package for a set rate or subscribe to a VIP membership which is unlimited credits for 6 months. You may also enter Check Him Out promotional codes for free credits or other promotions.
–Virtual Gifts: Under this tab you can review virtual gifts you have received.

2. Can I choose my online status?

In the “Status” section on the menu bar, you may select under which status you wish your profile to appear. You may choose to be online and free to chat (green), online but unavailable to chat (amber), or to appear offline (red). This only changes what will be visible to other members on your profile and to what extent they may attempt to contact you; as long as you are logged in you will be able to browse the site as you please regardless of your status.

3. What is a “crush alert”?

The crush alert is a subtle way of showing your appeal for a certain member, they may then choose whether to contact you or not. You may send a crush at any time, whether or not the recipient is online; he or she will be warned the next time that they log in.

4. What are the picture books, who can access them?

Your picture books give you the possibility to publish pictures to share with other Check Him Out members. Each photo will be subject to verification and approval by our team.
- The public book is visible to all Check Him Out members. It may contain 3 photos maximum. You may add a note and state the date taken under each photo.
- The private book is accessible only to a limited amount of members, chosen by you. This option ensures that such photos stay confidential. For members to be able to access your private book, you must accept their prior request to view the book. You may revoke anyone’s access to your private book at any point in time.

5. How do I upload and edit pictures in my books?

To save a photo in one of you picture books, you must upload it from your computer. First, click on “my (public or private) book”, then select “add a photo”, and follow the instructions. Your photo will immediately be verified by the Check Him Out administrators. In the “re-organize my photos” tab, you may change their order of appearance by dragging them to your chosen location. You may also delete a photo by clicking the cross located on its right.

6. What is my presentation text?

Your description is there for you to describe yourself to other members of the site. You can edit it in the “Edit Profile” section of the site. It is subject to control by our team: it must be concise and appropriate and it must not be insulting for any person or group of people, be of commercial nature, state any social stereotypes, or promote any political or religious beliefs.

7. Will I be contacted to be warned of any activity on my personal space?

Check Him Out alerts are programmed to be sent out to your email address when some actions have occurred on your personal space. You may choose which types of alerts you wish to receive or not in the “my account” tab on your profile page. You may choose to receive alerts when promotions are available, when a newsletter is sent out, when you have received a new private message, when a member requests to access your private book, when someone has added you as a favorite, when you have run out of credits, when new terms & conditions are in place, when one of your friends’ private books has been edited, when your profile has been visited, when new members fit your search criteria, or on your birthday.

8. How do I receive and send private messages?

The “Inbox” section on the menu bar gives you access to your private messages. Your messages are separated under separate tabs: personal messages(inbox and sent) and those from the Check Him Out administrators.
- In your personal messages, you may read or write new private messages, as well as view previously sent or received ones. Messages are sorted by member, so you can view an entire conversation at once.
- In order to compose a message, you must click the “new message” link in your inbox. You may also send a message directly from a member’s profile by selecting the “send a message” link under their profile picture. Reading or writing a message costs credits for men; please see the Terms and Conditions on that subject.

9. Can I chat live with other Check Him Out Members?

Our chat service allows you to chat live with other members.
- In order to be able to request a chat session with someone, their status must be set to “online & free to chat” (green). You may request to start chatting with someone by clicking the “start a chat session” link under their profile picture on their personal profile. The member in question will then receive a chat invitation, which they may or may not accept; if they do, the chat session will start.
- If someone wishes to chat with you, you will receive a chat invitation, which you may accept or reject. You can go to “my chats” on your home page in order to view the members you have chatted with and the length of each conversation, as well as the time elapsed since the last conversation. Men, reading or writing a message costs credits; please see the Terms and Conditions on that subject.

10. How do I manage my connections?

The “Connections” section on the menu bar includes all of the contacts that you have saved in either your “cart/favorites” or your “blacklist”. From these lists, you may manage your contacts as you see fit.
- Your favorites are people who have accepted your invitation as a friend or whose invitation as a friend you have accepted. The favorites list gives you quick access to your privileged members’ profiles.
- Your blacklist records the members which you have chosen to block. They will not be able to contact you from the moment that you have blocked them. You may add or remove members for either list at any point in time.

12. How do I visit other members’ profiles?

Visiting profiles is free and can be done as soon as you have registered. All you need to do is click the photo of the member of your choice. You may find profiles to browse either by conducting a search, or by clicking directly one of the categories on your home page (members of the week, online members, or last profiles visited).

IV. Check Him Out search engine

1. How is Check Him Out’s search engine unique?

Check Him Out patented search system allows a highly precise and personalized search: Extensive criteria to choose from, from personal preferences to location, and much more
- A permanent watch which automatically selects the profiles that fit the preference criteria previously stated in your profile, or according to your previous searches
- An extremely precise geographical localization tool.

2. What is the difference between the quick and advanced search?

The quick search, available on your home page, has limited selection criteria (age, marital status and place). It returns results within those selection criteria and according to the personal preferences stated on your profile. The advanced search engine allows entering much more criteria; it will deliver narrower and more precise search results. You will be able to choose your preferred physical or psychological traits, the exact location you wish to look in, the minimum profile completion desired, the marital status, and more.

3. What search criteria may I use?

With the quick search, the only criteria you may use are age, marital status and localization. With the advanced search, you may choose your preferences concerning: type of relationship sought (by you & them), new/old member, connection status, age, marital status, online status, localization, ethnicity, body shape, height, weight, eye color, hair color, hair length, smoker/non-smoker, photos uploaded, intimate information... The advanced search is by no means an affinity test; it lets you search profiles with criteria chosen by yourself.

V. Payment

1. Do I need to pay to use Check Him Out?

Registering as a Check Him Out member is free. Under a free membership, you may create your profile, browse other profiles, see public photos, and send crush alerts. However, if males wish to use any of Check Him Out’s additional services, such as reading or writing a message, chatting live or viewing private picture books, they will have to purchase the credit pack or a VIP membership. See the Terms and Conditions for precise pricing information.

2. Which services do I need to pay for?

Services such as reading or writing a message, chatting live or viewing private picture books require owning some Check Him Out’s credits or a membership. See the Terms and Conditions for precise pricing information.

3. What means of payment may I use?

Payments to Check Him Out take place directly on the internet. You may choose to pay by bank card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express), or via Paypal.

4. Will I be debited monthly?

No. When you buy some credits on Check Him Out, or a membership, you only make one payment. It is up to you whether you choose to top up/renew your account or not. You may choose to receive an email notification when your credits run out.

5. Do you use direct debit?

You may choose between direct debit and manual payment.

6. Will the name “Check Him Out” appear on my bank statement?

No. In order to respect your privacy, “Check Him Out” will not appear on you bank statement.

VI. The Check Him Out Guarantee

1. What is the “Check Him Out guarantee?”

The Check Him Out Guarantee: trust, safety & confidentiality Check Him Out wishes to install a relationship of trust with its community of members. We work hard to make sure that you can browse the network and communicate safely, in the utmost confidentiality.
- Our no-fake-members guarantee ensures that you will not be cheated. We do not condone the creation of fake members in order to improve traffic and push members to buy more credits
– did you know that most dating web sites do this?
- Our credit system is fair: you pay for what you get and nothing more! Using the site is charged in order to ensure our members’ true motivation to make serious encounters.
- Our administrators control makes sure that no inappropriate or private content is posted, and that members stay courteous and appropriate, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and the highest quality of encounters.
- Finally, we ensure the confidentiality of your personal data; with our advanced information system, your privacy is entirely protected.